Howdy! Are you one of the rare Errthums on this planet? Were you thinking about taking the domain name plunge and registering errthum.com for yourself, only to discover some idiot already has it? Well don't feel bad, I have a great FREE offer for you! While I got this domain and server to house my huge web site, I also can adminiser email and redirects. So, if you want an errthum.com email address, I can set you up one that will mirror your existing email. Any email sent to your errthum.com email will seamlessly appear in your regular inbox. I can also do URL redirects to your personal webpage.

So, for example, say your name is Antilla Errthum. Your current email address is aerrthu43@isp.net. Kind of hard for your friends to remember that one. But, I could create an email for you, say antilla@errthum.com, that would forward email to your isp.net email inbox. How impressive that would be. You also have a web page at some free hosting service that has some rediculous coded URL. No fear! I can set up a redirect so that www.errthum.com/antilla goes to your personal page. Won't your friends be impressed! :)

So if you would like an errthum.com address or webpage redirection, let me know and I can set it up for you.


- Troy Errthum