Eric Errthum
Due: 10-8-99
Onomatopoeia Words
Bang     the sound of fireworks--but only on the Fourth of July
Bark     the sound vocalized by a medium-sized dog
Bing     the sound of the oven timer when the cookies are done
Blippity-Blop-Blop-Ver-Slotch     the sound of a stomach illness
Boing     the sound of a roomful of springs
Bong     the sound of church bells on a Sunday morn
Boom     the sound of an imploding TV vacuum tube
Braap     the sound of oral flatulence
Burble     the sound of a lidded pot brimming with boiling water
Buzz     the sound of ten thousand bees
Clang     the sound of a hammer hitting a sheet of metal
Click     the warning sound of small firearms
Crackle     the sound of wet wood on a campfire
Crash     the imminent sound of playing baseball in the house
Ding     the first sound of the average household’s doorbell
Dong     the second sound of the average household’s doorbell
Fizz     the sound of a bottle of well-shaken Coke
Goosh     the sound of Hoover Dam busting open
Gurgle     the last sound water makes before going down the drain
Huff     the sound Chubby makes when we punch him in the stomach
Hiss     the sound of nearby snakes or low tires (neither of which is good)
Hum     the sound of the radiator in the library
Ka-blam     the sound of an exploding grenade
Kerplunk     the sound of a wrench being dropped into a water-filled basin
Lub-dub     the sound that the heart makes according to anatomy textbooks
Meow     the sound of a real cat
Moo     the sound of a stereotypical cow
Murmur     the sound heard around the workplace on “the day after”
Ping     the sound of a crescent wrench hitting a cement floor
Purr     the sound of a very happy cat or well-groomed automobile
Ring     the sound of kids on bicycles riding towards the ice cream truck
Szhoom     the sound of a light saber cutting through the air
Splash     the sound of the bow breaking through the waves
Squeak     the incessant sound pouring out from my roommate’s chair
Thud     the sound of a lead brick smashing the Earth
Thwap     the sound of skin on skin
Tick     the sound of the Grandfather clock when the pendulum is on the left
Tock     the sound of the Grandfather clock when the pendulum is on the right
Whirr     the sound of an electric can opener that has seen better days
Whiz     the sound of a 60-mph baseball three inches from your head
Woosh     the sound that every flying superhero makes on takeoff
Wop     the sound of a wet rag thrown onto a greasy counter top
Yip     the sound of a small annoying dog