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The boys and I enjoy their first experience of playing in the fall leaves.

Grandpa gives Trevor a hand at wading through the leaves...

while Grandma succeeds in making Travis cry. (Way to go, Grandma!)

Later that day we all went to a playground with the hugest wooden play fortress I'd ever seen. It rocked!

Captain Trevor at the helm of his ship, the U.S.S. Wooden Playground.

Travis and I hatch a plan to take over the ship by unleashing a Grandparent.

Look out, Trevor! Here comes Grandpa!

Trevor and Travis get stuck in the tires in their attempt to escape, and the Adults take over the ship. We decide to send them to...

THE THUNDERDOME! "Two men enter, one man leave!" But wait, Trevor has already escaped!

Trevor is re-captured and sentence to be buried alive in leaves. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
(Ok, I know. I need to get a life. Let's leave the twins for now and move onto something a tad bit more fun....)

My New Year's Eve!
(Worst New Year's ever.)

This is the sweet room that the University of Maryland set me up with when I visited their graduate program. I like the way these people operate.


For Spring Break (Woo-hoo!) I drove to South Carolina to do volunteer work through the American Hiking Society on the Palmetto Trail in the Francis Marion National Forest.

The starting mileage on my car: 135615.8

My cousin's house. This is where I stayed on the way to and from SC.

The Great Smokey Mountains. It was raining off and on that morning and so the mountains were smoking like crazy.

Your average interstate road view in western South Carolina.

When I got to Charleston, SC, I crossed some of the craziest bridges over marshland and the bay. The simple Iowa boy that I am, I was fascinated by it.

These bridges were just down-right creepy! You're up so high with nothing around you. I'll take my overhead expansion bridges over these bridges any day.

Huge boats sitting in the bay. Wow.

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