Welcome to my Java Pinball applet!!!

***UPDATE*** This applet no longers runs in a browser due to modern browser changes. However, I have made each of my pinball games as a stand alone application. Download pinballApp.zip, unzip it into a directory, and read the README.txt file for instructions. Ignore what follows this message as none of it works anymore.

There are 2 ways to run this applet:

  • Click HERE to run the muted version. This version is compatible with up to date browsers and requires no plug in.

  • Click HERE to run the version with sound. This utilizes a Java 1.3 plugin that will automatically download and install if your computer does not have the Java Run Time Environment w/Plug in for 1.3 or better(5 meg file, wait for message that states it installed). If the plugin is not automatically downloaded, or you know you need it, go here to download and install it.


  • Congrats to the HIGH SCORER!!!!!




    Tutorial-- make it your own!

    Known Issues

    Change Log

    LINKS to other pinball games that use this very same applet

  • Delta Chi Pinball
  • Warbirds Pinball
  • Playboy Pinball (Based on actual pinball game! No Nudity)
  • Kiss Pinball (Based on actual pinball game! Images may take awhile to load.)

    5 zipped games for offline play

    Unzip this file(1.2M) onto your hard drive and double click on index.html.