If you haven't played around with the applet, go to the example on the last page. It has emails that are clickable to bring up a new mail window. If this feature is not enabled on your computer, click the name and a pop-up window will allow you to highlight and copy it (ctrl-c). Then you can paste them into an email program, or any text based application. These emails are TOTALLY blind to ANY spammer's ferret. The applet also allows you to display clickable links associated with people in your list.

I am able to do this with a Java applet that I designed. I am unaware of anything like it, even after surfing several Java pages and doing searches for such an application. I have to admit that I am quite new at Java, and the coding is very, very simple. Built in functions makes this applet very configurable for anyone's web page while it protects your emails from spammers, and it's FREE!