Current version 3.2

change log:
03/21/2000--v0.5, java created
03/30/2000--v1.0, put into production
04/05/2000--v1.1, added CopyMe.class for pop-up box feature
				added param "col0"
04/12/2000--v2.0, added params "row0" and "row1"
                added param "style"
                changed button to "close" in CopyMe
                removed null problems
                renamed class SpamSux
04/29/2000--v2.1, added tiling to background image
07/05/2000--v2.2, added cursor graphics
10/01/2000--v3.0, added text file capability
10/05/2000--v3.1, made 'X' work in CopyMe window
10/06/2000--v3.0, reverted back as last change failed
10/07/2000--v3.2, fixed 'X' button in CopyMe window
				created jar file
02/09/2001--v3.3, added browser status messages