I am assuming interested parties at least know HTML. Here is what you must do to utilize this applet.

  • download SpamSux.jar by right-clicking the link in this sentence and saving it (as is) into the same directory as the page you are going to use it with. Test it off line from your desktop before uploading them to your server.

  • In your HTML, you must insert this code where you want your emails listed (example in full, following). You only need to include the "required" lines. The "optional" lines are used for customization.

    <APPLET code="SpamSux.class" archive="SpamSux.jar" width=550 height=100>REQUIREDAfter the initial set up, adjust the width and height numbers(pixels) to fit the size you need.
    Your browser does not support Java, or has it turned offOPTIONALThis will display only in browsers that can't use the applet.
    <PARAM NAME=author VALUE="Troy Errthum">REQUIREDThis allows the applet to work. I have to receive credit somehow. :)
    <PARAM NAME=font VALUE="Arial">OPTIONALThis sets your font, default is TimesRoman if not coded.
    <PARAM NAME=style VALUE="BOLD">OPTIONALThis sets your font style, choices are PLAIN, BOLD, ITALIC, BOTH(bold and italic), default is BOLD.
    <PARAM NAME=size VALUE="18">OPTIONALThis sets the font size, default is 16 if not coded.
    <PARAM NAME=col0 VALUE="5">OPTIONALThis adjusts the position of the name column (in pixels), default is 1x fontsize if uncoded.
    <PARAM NAME=col1 VALUE="150">OPTIONALThis adjusts the position of the email column (in pixels), default is 15x fontsize if uncoded.
    <PARAM NAME=col2 VALUE="400">OPTIONALThis adjusts the position of the links column (in pixels), default is 35x fontsize if uncoded.
    <PARAM NAME=row0 VALUE="15">OPTIONALThis adjusts the position of the first row (in pixels), default is 1x fontsize if uncoded.
    <PARAM NAME=row1 VALUE="30">OPTIONALThis adjusts the spacing of the rows (in pixels), default is 1x fontsize if uncoded.
    <PARAM NAME=bgcolor VALUE="00FF00">OPTIONALThis sets your background color. It is a hex code for the amount of red, green, and blue in your desired color. Examples: FFFFFF=white, 000000=black, FF0000=red, 0000FF=blue, 770077=light purple, default is FFFFFF if uncoded
    <PARAM NAME=fgcolor VALUE="FF0000">OPTIONALThis sets your foreground color (of the names). It is a hex code like the background option, default is 000000 if uncoded
    <PARAM NAME=lxcolor VALUE="FF00FF">OPTIONALThis sets your html links color (emails and links). It is a hex code like the background option, default is 0000FF if uncoded
    <PARAM NAME=picture VALUE="dchi.gif">OPTIONALThis will tile an image(from the same directory) in the background

    There are 2 options for entering the emails, only do one.

    Option #2 is designed for very long lists of emails.

    OPTION #1

    <PARAM NAME=rname1 VALUE="Errthum, Troy">REQUIREDThis is the name of the email recipient.
    <PARAM NAME=netid1 VALUE="errthumt">OPTIONALThis is the first half of the posted email. (needs next option with it)
    <PARAM NAME=email1 VALUE="">OPTIONALThis is the second half of the email, I split them up to keep spammers confused.
    <PARAM NAME=linkn1 VALUE="NI Delta Chi">OPTIONALThis is the name of a link associated with a posted name/email. (needs next option with it)
    <PARAM NAME=linku1 VALUE="">OPTIONALThis is the actual URL of the link.
    <PARAM NAME=rname2 VALUE="Falco, Larry">nextNow, enter in your next email
    <PARAM NAME=netid2 VALUE="larryfalco">Hopefully you see the pattern emerging here
    <PARAM NAME=email2 VALUE="">The param names are incremented.
    <PARAM NAME=rname3 VALUE="Troy Errthum">nextA name is always required.
    <PARAM NAME=linkn3 VALUE="I hate spam">But you may skip emails or links
    <PARAM NAME=linku3 VALUE="index.html">You are allowed up to 99 listings, but you could always set up 2 applets to run
    </APPLET>REQUIREDThis tells your browser, "that's it, run this thing."

    This will round off your code looking like this:

    <APPLET code="SpamSux.class" width=550 height=100>
    Your browser does not support Java, or has it turned off
    <PARAM NAME=author VALUE="Troy Errthum">
    <PARAM NAME=font VALUE="Arial">
    <PARAM NAME=size VALUE="18">
    <PARAM NAME=col0 VALUE="5">
    <PARAM NAME=col1 VALUE="150">
    <PARAM NAME=col2 VALUE="400">
    <PARAM NAME=row0 VALUE="15">
    <PARAM NAME=row1 VALUE="30">
    <PARAM NAME=bgcolor VALUE="00FF00">
    <PARAM NAME=fgcolor VALUE="FF0000">
    <PARAM NAME=lxcolor VALUE="FF00FF">
    <PARAM NAME=rname1 VALUE="Errthum, Troy">
    <PARAM NAME=netid1 VALUE="errthumt">
    <PARAM NAME=email1 VALUE="">
    <PARAM NAME=linkn1 VALUE="NI Delta Chi">
    <PARAM NAME=linku1 VALUE="">
    <PARAM NAME=rname2 VALUE="Falco, Larry">
    <PARAM NAME=netid2 VALUE="larryfalco">
    <PARAM NAME=email2 VALUE="">
    <PARAM NAME=rname3 VALUE="Troy Errthum">
    <PARAM NAME=linkn3 VALUE="I hate spam">
    <PARAM NAME=linku3 VALUE="">

    This Option #1 code is used for the example on the main page

    OPTION #2

    With this option, you have to create a file named 'spamsux.txt' and put it in the same directory as your applet and webpage. This file has to be in the following form (using the same input as in the option #1 example):

    Errthum, Troy;errthumt;;NI Delta Chi;;
    Falco, Larry;;;;
    Troy Errthum;;;I hate spam;;

    Note the semi-colons that separate the fields and the need for them even when the field is empty. Basically it goes-- name;email id;email server;link name;webpage URL; . Do not end your URL with a '/'. For some reason my script does not like that. Also, use the whole URL name, even if the page resides in the current folder. It is important to note that this will not work from your hard drive. You have to test it from your website. However, it is worth it since the text file is much easier to update and change. Add these tags to finish the applet in your html:
    <PARAM NAME=infile VALUE="">REQUIREDThis is the folder your webpage, applet, and spamsux.txt resides on the internet.
    </APPLET>REQUIREDThis tells your browser, "that's it, run this thing."

  • Now, upload your page of emails, the applet jar file, the background image (if you used one), and spamsux.txt (if using option #2). The example code used above is displayed here all together, so you can cut and paste it into your document.