Down we dive, spouting our flame from under

U.S. Air Force Song

Dive testing was manually done. The process was to start the plane at 20k feet with 30 minutes of fuel. Throttle was lowered until a speed of 150 IAS was achieved. This was done to start all planes from about the same intial speed. Throttle was then pushed to 100% and and a split 's' was performed. The plane was pulled into a straight down vertical dive and auto angle activated. When the plane started over speeding (shaking with noises), the auto piloted was activated to level. Data was taken during the test every second via a script.

Note the results are in True Air Speed (TAS), not what pilots are used to seeing on their gauges (Indicated Air Speed, IAS).

Pick up to 5 planes to compare. Only planes that have been tested are shown.