Beware the lessons of a fighter pilot who would rather fly a slide rule than kick your ass!

Commander Ron Mugs McKeown, USN,
Commander of the U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School

2015-05-01Loaded data for SPIT9[FL1029] and P40F[FL1029]
2015-04-30Loaded data for BF109G6(FL1029) and P40E(FL1029)
2015-04-28Loaded new data for P38F(FL1028)
2015-03-18Loaded new data for P40B
2015-02-13Loaded new data for B5N (2x 250 loadout) and D3A (scout loadout).
2015-02-11Loaded new data for A6M2 and Ki43
2015-02-10Loaded new data for TBD (3x 500 loadout)
2015-02-09Loaded new data for SBD (scout loadout)
2015-02-06Loaded new data for F6F5, A6M3, and A6M5a
2010-02-23updated speed data for KI43, MC202, MC2022, MOSQ4, MOSQ6, NFII, P38F, P39D, P40E, SPIT5, SPIT5B1, SPIT9, 109GR6
2010-02-22updated or added speed data for 109E1A0, B17F, B25C, BF109E, BF109G, BF109G2E, BF110C, BF110G, C47, FW1904, FW1908, HE111H3, HURRI1, HURRI2, JU52, JU87D, JU87G, JU88A
2007-01-01Original Data posted around this time. This included all speed test for planes and their fuel that existed at the time, and some climb and dive data.