Java Guncam for Flight Simulators

Version 3.1 released 2003-3-3 (see change log).

examples below.

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Background Info

This program was made to take gun camera footage while playing flight sims, or other games. It is important to note that my program outputs frames as individual jpgs and not animated gifs. I then use a shareware gif animation product to create the animations. Java Guncam should film any product that can reside on the desktop.

Please read the help file (link below) in its entirety to see if this is what you need, and know how it works, before trying to run it. Do note that this works on anything sitting on your desktop, so you don't need to run a game to test it.



These examples were taken early in the testing and some may appear jerky as previous versions were not as smooth. I have a Win98 machine with a 633 Celeron, 512 megs RAM, and a 32 meg GeForce2MX (with latest NVidia drivers and DirectX8.1). While shooting I will occasionally get a stutter while running Java guncam, but it is rare and nothing out of the ordinary ;). My frames per second stays above the critical 25 fps for the most part (game runs on my PC in upper 30's normally). I show these examples here mainly to show the differences in some of the image settings.

Taken with the default settings (Hellcat vs. Zero)
Taken with blur setting (Mustang vs. 190)
Taken with age setting (Lightning vs. gun position)
Taken with blur and age settings (Spitfire vs. 109)
Taken with grayscale and brighten settings (Flying Fortress turrets)
Taken with grayscale and blur settings (Ki84 vs. Lightning)
Taken with grayscale and age settings (Hurricane vs Ju88)
Taken with grayscale, blur, and age settings (190 vs. Flying Fortress)
Taken with grayscale and timestamp settings with the cockpit turned off, and then compressed to 16 colors (Mustang vs Me262)

  • Java Joystick -- a freely distributed Java/C combination to allow Java joystick interaction.
  • Java Keyboard -- a Java/C combination written by John Rehn specifically for Java Guncam.
  • Beta Testors: Mats "kapsyl" Gustavsson, Paul "whoda" Brush

  • AGW post that started it all.
  • Furball interview.
  • Warbirds3 movies made by myself.

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    LAWYER STUFF-The writer of Java Guncam, Sun, and iEN are not responsible with anything Java Guncam may do to your computer. As a matter of fact, Java Guncam is not associated with Sun or iEN anyway. This programmed is licensed for use by private individuals and not to be used for profit in anyway unless by permission of the writer. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!