Warbirds is one of the top competing online WWII flight/combat simulators available on the market. The game itself is free to download and play, only playing online costs money. If you have an interest in seeing what it was like to fly in the skies of World War II, you must try this game.

Below are all links to parts of my personal website dedicated to the game. What you see in these links were created by myself unless noted. I try to put credit where it is due, and if you see something wrong, email me (address near bottom).

Warbirds 3.xx

who is PHENIX
Netlag and Collisons
S6 (S3 Super Simple Stats)
Flight Testing
Online Dotfile Maker
WB3 Gunsights
Custom Textures/Effects
My WB3 Movies/Audio
personal Screen Shots
Being a Bomber Flight Lead
ETO Map Server
Java GunCam
Warbirds III Maps
RWsurfer, RogerWilco Utility
Homemade Rudder Pedals
WB3 Pinball!
Real Pics From a B17 Tour
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Personal (non-historic) skin pics:
  • P-38, Phoenix, close-up
  • B-17, Purple Lady
  • Bf-109f, der Nebel
  • B-17, Mystery Machine
  • B-17, Kokonut Butter (art by grizly)

  • Warbirds 2.xx

    2.77 Precision Maps

    A test of the big buffs

    2.77 Gunsights page

    If I were to have noseart:
  • Noseart for my fighter
  • Noseart for my bomber

    email me at: errthumt(at)radiks.net if you find any mistakes or have any suggestions, comments, questions, etc.

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