S6R (S6 Relative) Score

S6R for fencerRelative A2A scoreRelative A2G scoreRelative Loss PenaltyS6R Score Total
RELATIVE FIGHTER744.23-337.73406.49
RELATIVE JABO1440.871103.13
RELATIVE BOMBER2531.510-1349.761181.75

Not all planes are created equal. Some planes score kills or bomb targets at a greater rate than others. Some are harder to survive in than others. Using the data in S6 we are able to obtain relative ratios for all planes. If you get kills in a plane that is historically hard to score in, you get more points. If you get shot down in a plane that most survive in, you lose more points than other planes. The final score is then adjusted for how many frames you have flown. Then you can compare an old pro with a new hot shot. There are several drawbacks to this tool. First, you cannot compare bombers and fighters with it. Second, fighter-bomber sorties are extremely hard to separate from fighter missions. Lastly, it does not account for typical mission profiles of the player which play a big part in kills and losses.

This information is an attempt to score on a level playing field and should not be used for betting purposes.